Community/City/Urban Planning Enthusiast

Other than being a community/city/urban planning enthusiast, I love to get involved with planning and development topics such as transportation, natural resources, parks and recreation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and many more.

Below are quick summary of my recent work experience in City of Lincoln, Nebraska. Feel free to contact me to give me advice, feedback or ask me questions.

Recent Experience

Planning- construction intern

Worked with Lincoln Parks and Recreation learning various planning efforts by different entities for City Parks, Dog Runs and many more.

gis student worker/ graduate research assistant

Worked with Facilities Management and Planning under Planning- Construction- Engineering department to assist with GIS works on campus.

public involvement intern for mayor’s office & LTU

Worked with Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) and many other departments for Mayor’s Challenge as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies for cities.

after school program mentor/ graduate assistant

Worked with Nebraska Transportation Center (NTC) as mentor for middle and elementary school students to teach them hands-on topics on STEM.